Toughest double diamond ski slopes in the eastern Unitied States

I have been thinking about setting up some sort of site for comparisons of the toughest slopes around the east.  Here are my thoughts.

Gunbarrel at Roundtop Ski Area, near Harrisbug, PA.  When it is icy, watch out.  In the spring time or with big fresh snow, it can ski pretty easily, but otherwise, it is very steep with large moguls and snowboarder-worn narrow chutes (those cheaters!) that demand respect.  Also, some exposed rocks to skier’s left. 

Extrovert at Blue Knob Ski Resort, near Bedford, PA.  Seldom open it seems, but when it is open, it is awesome.  Good snow making equipment on it, but the resort does not turn it on enough.

Upper Eastwind at Ski Liberty, near Gettysburg PA.  Pretty easy, but some pretty fun big bumps.

Upper Ultra at Ski Liberty,  Bit of a yawn.  Ditto with Upper Strata. 

Bold Decision at Ski Whitetail, near Clear Spring, Maryland, but in Pennsylvania.  Hardly worth talking about.  The neighboring single diamond Exhibition is usually more of a challenge because of tight bumps on it.  Bold Decision is scary in icy conditions because it is heavily shaded and steep, but it is seldom much fun. 

Ripcord at Mount Snow, VT.  Only skiied it once.  Usually seems closed, but a lot like Extrovert at Blue Knob.  A lot of fun. 

Julio or Anarchy at Killington.  Fun when open (or closed).  Tight glade skiing, but not very difficult. 

Lower Ovation at Killington.  I don’t think I have ever seen it open.  Pretty exposed to do when closed.  Looks beastly.

Downdraft at Killington.  Fun to do top to bottom unless icy.  The very top part under the gondola is seldom open but the best part. 

Cascade at Killington.  Bit of a yawn.

Flume at Killington.  Why do the bumps at the bottom turn to glare (I mean mean really shiny very hard glare) ice so often?

Escapade at Killington.  Seems to ice up bady very often.  Not scary otherwise.


2 Responses to Toughest double diamond ski slopes in the eastern Unitied States

  1. The Bad skier says: This is the toughest inbound trail at a resort in the east. DJ’s at Cannon. Makes your Gunbarrel and Extrovert look silly.

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