Who to loathe more?

When despicable blowhards like Cruze, Rubio, Kasich, Bush (Jeb), Carson, Trump, Paul Ryan, etc. say outrageous and hurtful things about Syrian refugees, I really want to defend them and say of course we should welcome them, especially the Muslims. Actually though I would like to ban any who subscribe to the view to the view that killing is an appropriate response to atheism or apostasy.


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Scientist. Statistician. Downhill skier. Endurance bicyclist. Lover of foreign films and serious lit. Married father.
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8 Responses to Who to loathe more?

  1. I thought that at least Bush and Rubio tried to find a slightly more nuanced response that didn’t make it sound like all Syrian refugees are terrorists and they should be sent to the gas chambers.

    I haven’t been following this particular topic too much, though; only watched the debates and loosely following the news as I’m not a US resident anyway.

    (Ended up on this website after checking the hitlist on dict.cc. Keep up the great work! 🙂 )

  2. Rando-Passing-By says:

    So how’s that Net Neutrality repeal treating you, mein Kumpel!

  3. Umi says:

    Muslims, yes?
    Let’s hope you don’t regret it.
    I am Turkish myself but people really need to stop being so ignorant and naive about this topic..

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