Rally to Restore Sanity

The Rally to Restore Sanity was kind of a mixed bag. The crowds were friendly and well behaved with many funny and satisfying signs, but Comedy Central, Metro and the DC police all made woefully inadequate preparation for the rush of visitors. Metro was awful, but once we made the effort to get down there, it was really disappointing that were not enough jumbotrons and speaker towers. We were at 7th Street and could basically hear and see nothing. The main state was our blocks away on 3rd Street, and I think the closest jumbotron was still 2 blocks away. They should have had things set up all the way down to 12th Street. The crowd was huge! Then for the last half hour of the program when the crowd had thinnned out enough so that we could get close enough to sort of hear it, the DC rescue crews started to run sirens during the program!!

About polarjud

Scientist. Statistician. Downhill skier. Endurance bicyclist. Lover of foreign films and serious lit. Married father.
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